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What is a Press Release & How to Distribute One

What is a Press Release & How to Distribute One


The true definition of a press release is something that you may have heard before, but what exactly does it mean? Well to find out there’s an easy way. If this term has popped up in your work as public relations specialist then read on and learn how best practices can be applied when writing these informational pieces for distribution and learn how to distribute and write them.

Press Release

What is a press release?

A press release is a document that announces something new, interesting, or noteworthy about your company to the press. It’s not just for companies with big news – press releases are an excellent way of promoting everyday announcements, too. For example, if you’re launching a new product or hosting an event, press releases are perfect for letting journalists know what’s happening and why it matters to their readership. Press releases can also be used as part of your content marketing strategy for driving traffic back to your website.

The structure of a press release is designed to include all the relevant information news sources need in order to distribute your story. The introduction does this by providing an overview, followed by more specific details about what you’re reporting on and when they happen (e.g., “At 2:30 p.m.”).

The output should be written as if from someone’s perspective with expertise or knowledge that could help give context. Let’s take a look at all the elements of a press release:

  • A logo, headline, and sub-headline are vital components of any business’s marketing plan. These will help you identify what kind of company or organization it is that printers for in the first place!
  • A dateline should appear on all newsworthy pieces where there was time since publication/publishing dates can create additional interest with readership as well as show them when their next update may come out – this also shows whether a story has been “active” lately (i.e., recently updated).
  • The lead paragraph provides an introduction about who wrote it so people know why they care enough right off the bat.
  • Body paragraphs provide details while quotes demonstrate personal thoughts from said individuals if relevant or interesting material exists within those areas.
  • A boilerplate is an outline or template that helps to avoid repetition. It’s what you use when writing your content, which leaves less room for mistakes and more time spent on telling the real story of who are as people instead!

A common misconception about press releases often leads many businesses thinking they only need one with no major differences between it and their website copy; however this couldn’t be further from the truth because having both a good looking site but poor written materials will do wonders in attracting unwanted attention online – especially during competitive seasons

Why use press releases

The press release is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. Press releases are a way to get press attention for an announcement without spending a lot of money, and press releases are also a great way to get press attention for not-so-exciting announcements.

Let’s say you have a new brand identity or maybe you’ve been steadily working on something behind the scenes and you won’t press coverage but you just don’t have anything exciting enough in your pipeline. You can still use press releases in ways that will help your business and that might even give you some press opportunities in the future when you do have something exciting coming out.

How to distribute press releases

As you press send on your press release, it will be sent to other press outlets in digital form or by email, which means they can be distributed easily. There are many different press release distribution sites called newswires that will distribute your press release to thousands of News Affiliates – like Globe Newswire, Presswire, and many more.

PR Agencies (eg. MyStory Public Relations)are also a great way to get your press releases out into the public eye. They have contacts and connections that will help you plan, execute & distribute them effectively so they reach as many people as you might be interested in reading about what’s going on at work or home!

Why PR Agencies for a Press Release?

It is crucial that you find the right procedure to do a successful release. A Press Release should always contain key details such as who wrote what about which company’s products and services (writer) when was publication date released/release was planned etc., title name including any keywords relevant during the search engine optimization process – tags may include industry-related info like environmental awareness: recycling. When you hire a PR Agency they take care of each and every detail.

Here’s how it works: Assume a press release as if it were a tweet. There are about 200 million Tweets out there- most of which don’t even get one view! To make your tweets go trending or at least have some engagement on Twitter – everything matters like the topic timing hashtags tags and content, not every Twitter account has over 1 million followers with any random tweet however in order for PR agencies to come into play where they will help plan execute successful tweets cum press releases for you.

When to not do a press release?

There are a few times when press releases may not be necessary. For example, press releases typically aren’t needed for small businesses that often get little press coverage. They’re also not recommended for press releases that don’t have any breaking news or major events to report on. To make your press release stand out, think about what type of news you like to consume. If it’s routine updates in an industry that doesn’t excite or interest you then don’t create a release for them! Think like a reporter and remember media outlets only accept those events they believe will truly catch their attention. A press release is a great way to share your company or brand’s story with the world.

Tips for writing an effective press release that will be picked up by the media

  1. Keep it short and sweet – You never know if a press release will be picked up or not, so save your press releases for major announcements.
  2. Include quotes from an expert – Quotes from experts will help to back up your press release. It’s also good to include a quote from the press release itself.
  3. Try to make something small sound big – If you feel like you don’t have anything exciting to announce, try making something small sound big. For example, “We are excited to partner with XYZ Company!”
  4. Think of who might be interested in your press release – Include keywords that would appeal to potential readers or reporters.
  5. Don’t be a kid -Press Releases are meant to be in a professional tone and be written like a professional writer.


It’s true that there are a number of different ways to share your press releases and stories with the world. No matter what type you choose, however, it is important not only take into account where they will go but also who has access as well- because everyone deserves good news!

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Aryan Shukla

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