Superstar Personal Branding Program

What kind of Superstar you are gonna be?

Our Superstar Program is designed to be compatible with any niche. You don’t need to worry, we will take care of everything if you are a musician, actor, entrepreneur or thought leader in another field- whether it’s business investment or education. Our team of experts design a custom plan for your individual needs which ensures us the guarantee of success with our project. MyStory PR makes sure that your story stays in spotlight on all platforms! Enroll today and see what happens when you help yourself – We have money back Guarantee!”


Thought Leader


Any Niche

High-end Media Coverage

Getting a mention in the media is no mean feat. Majority of PR companies write articles that don’t relate to their clients, but at MyStory we are connected to over 1000s of premium outlets across multiple niches and demographics – making sure you get exposure from where it counts most. We have our team to do research on your brand before writing an article tailored for pitching purposes which will drive massive organic traffic from readers who want information relevant to what interests them or even harnessing backlinks that rank high on search engines

Write for Top Media Outlets

Contributing your expertise to trusted publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur is a powerful form of thought leadership. We provide connections and an in-house writing team to make this possible — all with a guarantee. As top tier contributors, you will borrow authority from these credible publications while driving massive organic traffic from readers—and harnessing the power of backlinks on the internet’s highest ranking sites!

Get Verified on Social Media

Did you know that the main factor in getting a blue checkmark on Social Media is your online presence and having an account verified increases social media campaign conversions? With MyStory PR, we can help get top-tier media coverage, manage your social accounts for increased visibility and build brand awareness. The end result will be greater trust from followers as well as access to influencers like CEOs, celebrities & other brands which could lead to more sales or opportunities down the road. We have helped hundreds of businesses grow their influence with our proven methods!

Get Booked On Top Podcasts

Being interviewed on your expertise about a high-traffic podcast is the most effective method for connecting with new audiences and driving them to your channel. We work hard to get you an interview on one of the world’s top podcasts, giving you instant credibility in your space and exposing millions more listeners to what you have to say.

Decide your story by yourself

Professionalism is what we value most. Our experts will help you transform yourself into a leader within your industry and build upon the reputation of an established figure in business, politics or entertainment. Get personalized brand development services from MyStory PR! A free consultation call is a good way to determine if we're the right fit for your goals. Let's talk and see how you can elevate yourself into a brand that will capture people's attention!

Take a Look Towards our Premade program for Thought Leaders

Turn on your personal-growth like a light switch


Thought Leader Program

  • 6 Guaranteed Featured Articles
  • Social Media Marketing & Management
  • Guaranteed Contributorship
  • Google Knowledge Panel
  • Verification Consultation
  • Personal Brand Consultation
  • Dedicated Team



Am I eligible for this program ?

If you can dedicate a couple of hours each week to us and if your monthly earnings are at least $5,000 then we’ll be happy to go ahead with the branding plan for you.

What is your money back guarantee?

If we are unable to deliver some of the guaranteed services, we will provide a proper refund according to what was promised with that specific service.

Is your program flexible to any niche?

Yes, our team has gathered a database of 1000s of outlets and journalists to make sure we are covering all the niche. Once you enroll with us, our team will design a proper plan according to your profile.

Why are you better than other pr firms?

As we are not just a regular reseller PR firm, whatever we provide has the least amount of third party contribution.
Our founder Aryan Shukla is also the founder and owner of B2B public relations company “The Media Segment”, so there’s no risk for our clients! Along with this having a proper specialist and researcher team is like a cherry on a cake.

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