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"We focus on one thing: ensuring that our clients get the best possible service. Unlike other companies, we don't just try and find whatever way to attract customers; instead, we believe in earning them by working hard for their satisfaction. We offer free consultations so both parties can understand each other well before any commitment is made"
Aryan Shukla
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If you’re looking for a media strategy that guarantees results, our agency can help. We have experience working with established brands and thought leaders to get them into the spotlight – we guarantee an outcome when executed properly. Even with our media portal you can browse through thousand of marketing services and outlets. 

  • No Long-Term Contracts
    We offer monthly or no subscription offers.
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    We can help you get organic coverage through high level media outlets which can bring you the best possible success.
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    We work with a wide network of top-tier journalists Outlets..

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Explore all of the exclusive services & Products by MyStory Public Relations from our portal. Explore media articles from Forbes to CBS and 1000s of more services. We provide 24×7 support for clients through our portal. Get a free Consultation along with your customized media panel for free.

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We always provide 24x7 support for every customer we have. Our Publicist and Customer service offivers make sure your queries are resolved in time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Basic common questions that we would like to answer

Do you have any guarantees?

Our team of experts guarantees high-traffic media coverage every month. With a monthly subscription to our firm, you will get strong online media features in one of our official packs and we’ll pitch your story until it gets the attention that it deserves!

Can I resell your services?

Yes, We are accepting new vendors for now. We already work with 25+ Vendors worldwide. As a firm working directly with the journalists and publications we can offer your company to make good business through our services. Although, We have certain rules and requirements for you to work with us.

Am I a good fit for your company?

If you have a business or brand already established and making money, our agency can help you break into the media and help you increase website traffic. We work specifically with growing brands and thought leaders.

Do you work with anyone?

Yes, We do work with anyone who can afford our services but we offer our official monthly packages only to clients with whom we are sure we can bring success to. Our official packages start with 2000$.