Startup Brand Croissance Program

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Croissance Program

  • Upto 3 Press Releases
  • 3 Guaranteed Media Placements
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphic Branding
  • Google Knowledge Panel
  • Verification Consultation
  • Professional Brand Consultation
  • Dedicated Team


Turn-key Benefits

High-impact press release

The news industry is always evolving, so you have to be ahead. Making effective press releases has been a profitable method in the past year. Our team makes sure that your brand will receive proper media coverage by researching and preparing content for an original press release before sending it off to relevant outlets across multiple platforms including Yahoo Finance, AP News , Digital Journal, CBS , NBC , ABC  and 1000s of more platforms. We also make sure that the release reaches at least 1k readers through promotion on different platforms.

High-end Media Coverage

Getting a mention in the media is no mean feat. Majority of PR companies write articles that don’t relate to their clients, but at MyStory we are connected to over 1000s of premium outlets across multiple niches and demographics – making sure you get exposure from where it counts most. We have our team to do research on your brand before writing an article tailored for pitching purposes which will drive massive organic traffic from readers who want information relevant to what interests them or even harnessing backlinks that rank high on search engines

Get Verified on Social Media

Did you know that the main factor in getting a blue checkmark on Social Media is your online presence and having an account verified increases social media campaign conversions? With MyStory PR, we can help get top-tier media coverage, manage your social accounts for increased visibility and build brand awareness. The end result will be greater trust from followers as well as access to influencers like CEOs, celebrities & other brands which could lead to more sales or opportunities down the road. We have helped hundreds of businesses grow their influence with our proven methods!

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Now is the time for your brand to tell its story and show how it can help businesses grow. We will develop a custom social media and PR strategy that fits you, so we can start helping your business succeed!

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