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Giving your business some original ideas.

Endless Possibilities

Our designs are totally meant for your brand. Unique and creative from the scratch.
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Internal Relations

Each Design is analyzed according to the brands aim and thought process. We are always curious to shape your brand as you want.
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Customer Support

We are always there for you to solve any of your queries and issues. At MyStory PR satisfaction is always he key to success.
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Lets create your Imaginaton into Reality

You cannot see a brand because it is an abstract concept. It is essentially intangible. In other words, it exists in the minds of people. With the help of a good branding service, you can shape your brand’s image in the minds of your target demographic. With the right branding partner, you can dictate what people think or feel about your company, the products or services that it offers, and the individuals part of it.

Brand Design

Our Branding Services

Brand Guidelines

Also known as a brand style guide, brand guidelines are the basics of the general look-and-feel of a company’s visual branding, from logo to color theme, font, and design. Branding needs consistency to create a uniform image, and that is achieved through brand guidelines. It helps in developing a recognizable image of your brand.

Brand Guidelines
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Online Marketing Collateral

Branding is more than a conventional advertisement. More often than not, you may need marketing material that offers more information than a simple advertisement and proves that you know what you’re talking about. That can be achieved through marketing collateral. It helps in projecting authority, establishing legitimacy, and building trust.

Offline Marketing Collateral

As its name suggests, when a branding effort is carried out offline, it is called offline marketing collateral. It involves the creation of offline visual items, for example, brochures and business cards. It helps with face-to-face interaction, unlike online marketing collateral, in which most of the work takes place online and through emails.

Hoarding Design
Packaging Design

Packing Design

The exterior of your product is as important as its interior. It is the first thing that a user or buyer sees about the product and tells the story of your brand. Thus it plays a very important role in creating an identity. Packing Design is the creation of this exterior look.

Social Media Design

Engaging the audience on social media is an important part of the branding effort. For effective engagement, the messaging and graphics should be consistent, the tone should be in line with the personality of the brand, and much more. This is achieved through social media handling.

Social Media Design
UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Your website is the main source of information about your brand. Most of your customers are likely to visit it. It becomes an important source of information about your products and services. Thus, it must also reflect the brand’s personality. We ensure this through UI/UX designing.

Initial Branding Kit

  • Market Research
  • Logo Design
  • Visiting Card Design
  • Envelope Design
  • Letter Head Design
  • Email Signature Design
  • Color Palette
  • Font Selections
  • Brand Style Guide

Advanced Branding Kit

  • Everything From Initial Branding Kit
  • BillBoard Design
  • Standee Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Social Media Platform Design
  • Identity Card Design
  • Invoice Design

Executive Branding Kit

  • Everything From Advanced Branding Kit
  • Uniform Design
  • Bifold Brochure
  • Calendar Design
  • Catalogue Design (10 Pages)
  • Coffee Mug Design

Frequently Asked Questions

MyStory PR’s Media Portal is a one-stop shop for all your needs. You can reach out to us for everything related to PR, from web press releases to copywriting. We’ve been doing what we do for years, which is why we are confident of fulfilling your needs and meeting the demands of the tasks you give us. Over the years, we have built a team of specialists who help us drive and deliver your stories to the broadest possible demographic and geography. Contact us now to set up a meeting with our experts. We’ll take it from there. 

At MyStory, we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality of services in the market. We’ve developed a system of checks and balances, which ensures that any content or service that originates from us meets the highest quality standards set in the market. While automation is a reality that both brands and service providers have come to depend upon heavily, we make sure that human intervention is available as and when required. 

At MyStory PR, quality is on the top of the list of priorities. We can promise you that only the best version of your story or your brand’s message will be disseminated to the media or shared on public platforms. We don’t tolerate the second-best and request our partners never to accept anything less. You and your brand deserve the very best, and that’s what we deliver. 

At MyStory PR, we believe that every person or brand has a unique story and message which needs to be told, not just for the benefit of the brand but also for the good of society. With years of experience, we have learned how to evolve and adapt to serve our partners. So, we don’t know about you, but we can promise that we’re the best fit for you.

Every unique story brings a new challenge. While experience has prepared us to deal with a large variety of problems and provide optimized solutions, we continue to evolve with every new challenge. We’ve dealt with the trickiest challenges in the past by understanding the needs of our partners. We’ve learned from our experience that sincere efforts can guarantee good results, irrespective of the challenges. Let’s embark on a fascinating journey of building mutually beneficial relationships. 

At MyStory PR, we like to focus on our clients’ wants rather than pushing a subscription plan onto them. Those who do need one are free to purchase any of the programs listed on our website. These programs have been not only to serve your basic needs but offer a comprehensive solution for your PR needs. 

We offer a variety of subscription plans at affordable rates. These plans are customized for your business’s needs. There are no hidden costs, hassle or stress involved. We also offer all new customers a complimentary consultation. We can help you determine which package would suit you best and be the most beneficial going forward during the consultation. If you’re confused or conflicted, please reach out to us now. 

Being verified on social media can be tedious, but it’s essential to promote your brand on social media effectively and protect your brand’s interests. A blue tick next to your name on social media platforms like Instagram helps you stand out from amongst others, increase trust and improve advertising outcomes. It can help your brand defeat negative campaigns and attempts by rivals to discredit you on social media.  

At MyStory PR, we have been helping brands and individuals with the verification process. Our experience with the verification process puts us in the best position to take on the trickiest of cases. We offer a full range of verification packages that suit every platform. Get in touch today to schedule an appointment!


We believe in promoting the entrepreneurial spirit. If you want to resell our services, who are we to stop you? In fact, we’d support your efforts to the best of our abilities. After all, we’d be helping ourselves by providing you with the support you need to extend our services to a broader customer base. It would be a mutually beneficial arrangement that will take our brand and yours to a wider customer base than either of us can build on our own. 

If you want to resell our services, we can provide a reseller option for our products. If you plan to resell our services in bulk or have special requirements, we can also reach an agreement with your brand or platform and offer special rates to you. 

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    Since working with MyStory PR, we have seen a significant increase in media coverage and our overall brand awareness. We are extremely pleased with the results and would highly recommend their services.

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    MyStory PR did an amazing job helping us to relaunch our brand. Our customers are now more engaged than ever before, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to improve their brand identity.

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